House Coldhearth


House Coldhearth is one of the oldest houses in Aerdland. During the mass exodus from Salnorn, Lord Viktor Coldhearth and the members of his house set out on their own and landed at the mouth of the North River. Here, they discovered a small, half-buried, if well-formed castle built of ancient stone. Scattered around the castle were a series of strange, black waystones. Lord Viktor established himself as the lord of the castle, named it Coldhearth Hollow, and over the next few hundred years, as a port town grew around the keep, they maintained an isolated, yet important stronghold between Nornfall and Starveil.

The blue flame heraldry originally came from Nornfall, but still proved fitting when the castle’s high tower was completed and an eternal blue flame was ignited. The strange black waystones seemed to power the flame, and its blue cast could be seen for miles around and in any weather.

Eventually, an outpost was established across the river. Named Icicle, it stands as a watchtower beside the icy forest. A ferry is available to cross and is maintained by House Coldhearth. A scouting mission from Icicle also discovered the origin of Coldheath Hollow’s black waystones in the form of an ancient Aerdish temple hidden deep within the forest. The party barely returned with their lives, telling stories of a haunted citadel surrounded by oily black stones.

House Coldhearth

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