The House System

A tiered house system is prevalent throughout the continent of Aerdland. Though economic power is a large factor in determining a house’s worth, it’s ancestry is also of particular importance. Great Houses, Noble Houses, and Minor Houses are the three general categories used by the nobility in determining ranking. Knightly Houses are those of knights who have been raised to lords of their own House.

A * represents a house from Southern Aerdland.

Great Houses

Noble Houses

  • House Beryl – Blue and green chevronel on orange and green.
  • House Blackwinter – Sable, a pall with a limbless tree, a skull, and a snowflake, argent.
  • House Mornbrow-Black Owl with White Eyes on a Blue Chausse on Checky Black and Gold.
  • House Andrell-Twin Scythes on a field of Sky Blue and Wheat.
  • House Gage-Five Gold Coins on Blue and Orange.
  • House Taven – Pean and Red Chevron with Red and Silver Gyronny Canton. Red Dragon on Pean, Twin Silver Hunting Horns on Red.
  • House Crane-White Crane in flight on Blue and Black vertical stripes.
  • House Star-Single Blue Star on White.
  • House Varradine – White Two-Headed Eagle on Red and Blue Barry of Six.
  • House Tarn-Three Stone Pillars on a Red field.*
  • House Astor-Wide-limbed Red Tree on White.*
  • House Gymara – A golden rooster on an azure field with two golden stars.*

Minor Houses

Knightly Houses


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