Greenbottom Tap House

A fine inn and tavern lying in the center of Piedmont, the Greenbottom Tap House has been a fixture of the city for many years. The inn is currently run by Aerion Songstar, and though the structure is not overly large, the eladrin barkeep has kept patrons coming back for years.

The common room is typcally upbeat, and though the facility’s higher class keeps many of the poorer folks outside it’s doors, Aerion has never turned out a guest. On a typical night, any number of nobles, merchants, and a few commoners may be found being served by the tavern’s three servers. Guard-Commander Gerard Black in particular is known to be a frequent visitor.


  • Tesslyn (human female) – thin, dark hair, blue eyes
  • Evelin (human female) – curvy, blonde, brown eyes
  • Mair (elf female) – thin, red hair, violet eyes


  • Adolwolf (male dwarf) – nearly as tall as a man, he carries a thick club at his waist, and he’s as broad as he is tall.

Greenbottom Tap House

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