A medium-sized city nestled in the mountainous Deep Blue Vale, Piedmont itself is relatively isolated when compared to other cities in Northern Aerdland. It’s large population and economic success are due in large part to the proximity of Dwarven city of Karaz-Kazad. Despite MayorEbenezer Beryl being the city’s elected ruler in name, The Merchant Circle and accompanying guilds are the true power in Piedmont. That is, when the city’s two thieves’ guilds aren’t showing their own power. The thief problem in recent years has lead to a major increase in the number of public hangings performed in town square. Less known about Piedmont, but infinitely more impressive, is the fact that Piedmont is a the largest hub of planar travel outside of Loch Meridan. This may be in part because of the hypothesized connection of the Deep Blue Lake to planes of elemental water.

City Details

Community Size: Large Town
Population: 3,209 Adults
Size: 49.13 Acres
Population Density (Adults/Acre): 65.32 Adults/Acre
Races: Human (2,505); Dwarf (288); Halfling (160); Elf (96); Gnome (64); Half Elf (32); Half Orc (32); Other (32)

Gold Piece Limit: 7,000.00
Wealth: 1,123,150.00
Income for Lord(s)/King(s): 11,231.50
Magic Resources: 56,157.50

Imports: Grains, Tea, and Wool
Exports: Stone, Iron, and Jewelry
Famous: Hangings, Tolerance, Kissing, and Planar Travel
Infamous: Thieves’ Guilds

Number of Wards: 11
Number of Buildings: 1,276
Number of Power Centers: 5
Number of Guilds: 2

Has Walls
Number of Gates: 2

Power Centers


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